Nutraxin is the most widely recognized brand of vitamins and minerals worldwide. Since its inception, our company has been committed to improving all aspects of the human experience, including physical health assistance, beauty or skin concerns, cognitive strength development, and nurturing of emotional well-being. Nutraxin products are carefully designed and suggested only as dietary supplements, not prescription drugs or medications.

Our Background

B'iota Laboratories was established in 2002 and has over 18 years of experience creating herbal products meant to provide long-lasting, efficient answers to problems related to various health concerns. Renowned brands accompany Biota, includes Nutraxin, Bioxcin, Bioder, Bioblas, Restorex, and Biota 59 Elements. We are dedicated to achieving worldwide acclaim and have successfully launched our products in Asia, the USA, and Europe.

Here at B'iota, we combine cutting-edge technology with various plant extracts' health and beauty benefits. Our brands are renowned for their innovative herbal formulas that offer only natural solutions for multiple disorders. B'iota products are sold to discerning customers looking for high-end quality and long-lasting results. They may be found at pharmacies, chain stores, and perfumeries worldwide.

Chairman of Board Mr.Cihat Dündar  

Our journey, which began in 2002 with a dream we had formed many years ago, is still thriving today with efficacious signings both domestically in Turkey and internationally. Our power comes from nature. We attempted to comprehend a miracle consisting of 59 components. Because the human body is made up of 59 elements that are found on the earth, B'iota felt that humans and nature are co-creators. In addition to Anatolia's abundant plant life, Turkish dermatologists and scientists have faith in us.

Nutraxin Pakistan

Man Behind Nutraxin Pakistan

Mr. Shahzad Ali Shah is a visionary figure in dermatology and cosmeceutics. Motivated by an intense devotion to his homeland, his enthusiasm inspired him to bring to Pakistan, healthcare and skincare supplements that have been clinically evaluated and highly recommended globally. He aims to serve netizens and boost their efficacy, attractiveness, and health by providing them with superior dietary supplements.

Since 2014, he has been an esteemed owner of the internationally renowned retail business ASRA DERM is an expert at finding and importing highly sought-after, extensively tested health and beauty supplements from across the globe. They prioritize maintaining the integrity and caliber of each product they sell by adhering to the highest shipping and storage standards.